Sly Collins goes gospel this time

Jan 11, 2018

Multi-talented musician Obiba Sly Collins has gone to do a gospel song titled “Otease” (Redeemer liveth). This is an indication of his super abundant talent which sees him confidently playing the guitar, bass and drums, leaving out the wind instruments which he does not play.
In late 2016, he released an album in which he appealed for tolerance and a peaceful election. The launch of that album, which included the pre-launch razzmatazz and the calabash peace symbol endorsed by political and religious leaders, was the toast of many across generations and religious creeds. One can say, without any bit of equivocation, that Sly Collins also played a crucial role in ensuring a peaceful election in Ghana in 2016.
Buoyed by the patriotic spirit in him, he has recorded a single “Otease” which is a duet he did with Rama of Mentor 6 fame in both English and Twi to enable all Ghanaians to hear the message in this self-produced single recorded at the Jmorg Studios, Adenta, Accra.
Speaking exclusively to Goldstreet Business he said his decision to do a gospel track which is actually a single from his forthcoming album, he said the song is his acknowledgement of the great and wonderful things God has done for him for which reason he has to praise him.
“No matter what the devil tries to do, our redeemer liveth and that’s the reason why as my brothers and sisters, we must give glory to the Most High God for how far He has brought us; His blessings are upon us, His peace upon our country Ghana and upon Africa. Let's live together as one people and believe His goodness and mercies are upon us ... we are blessed … Otease ... our redeemer liveth’ was how he introduced us into the deeper reasons behind the composition.
The song which is vintage Obiba Sly Collins reveals the multi-instrumentalist cum singer showcasing his full talent. This unique song which brings out the best in Obiba Sly Collins’ voice accentuated by that of Rama is a beautiful tribute to voice usage.
It also once more showcases Sly Collins as a songwriter and arranger in his own right coupled with the ability to play almost all instruments is a testimony to his credentials as a musician of the original school; musicians who cannot only sing but play instruments and read scales as well. The song Otease, rendered in a scintillating highlife mode is one song that will make every listener shout ‘hallelujah.’

By Kafui Gale-Zoyiku