Accra markets to now manage their waste Featured

Feb 06, 2017

By Nana Oye Ankrah

A new arrangement, currently in operation at the Kaneshie market, will see all market operators in the Accra metropolis managing waste collection within their spaces of activity.

Hitherto, waste gathering within the market spaces have been the responsibility of waste management companies contracted by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA.) But that has been found to be ineffective.

Under the new arrangement, the market operators will employ and pay some of their members, especially kayayei or head porters, to gather all waste generated in the market at a designated spot for the waste management companies to then lift it to disposal sites.

For their services, the waste management companies will be paid a fixed monthly amount, determined through negotiations with the individual markets. This is fundamentally based on what the markets can afford.

Speaking to Goldstreet Business, the Director of Waste Management at the AMA, Mr. Anthony Mensah said the new arrangement was made due to the irregularities in the payment of waste collection in the markets; a situation, which had affected the operations of private waste collectors who have been contracted to manage waste in the markets.

“The market operators, over the years, do not cooperate in terms of payment for the waste they generate. We have concluded with Kanashie and they are paying GH¢6000 each month for the collection. That amount is low, so we have asked them to work with head potters to gather the rubbish at one point so that the waste collectors will lift the containers and they have agreed.

We are still negotiating with the operators of the other markets to conclude on a specific amount. We are far advanced with that,” he said.

The other markets within the metropolis negotiating similar arrangements include the Agbogbloshie, Makola, Mallam, London and Tuesday markets.

The AMA inserted this clause in their contracts with private waste managers in September 1, 2016, which took effect that same day.  Negotiations are currently ongoing between the AMA, managers of the remaining markets and the private waste collectors on the amounts to be paid by those markets.

Accra is infamously considered one of the filthiest cities in Africa and the markets generate a large portion of the filth found within the metropolis.

The city generates in excess of 2,400 tons of waste daily and the cost of collection per ton is GH¢52.23million a year

The AMA last year spent GH¢1.3, million to manage waste in Accra alone, covering interventions, hiring of trucks and the observation of the National Sanitation. The same amount is expected to be spent this year.

The AMA says it is adopting new ways to manage waste within the city.  The Assembly is partnering with private investors to develop a waste Treatment System which will be situated in the Nsawam area for the treatment of waste.  It has also tasked the 12 private companies it has contracted to collect waste, to find ways of recycling the plastics they collect.

The Assembly is currently working with non-governmental organizations such as Environment 360 to recycle most of the waste generated.


Source|| Goldstreet Business Limited